Blog #10 – Spring is Almost Here!

Whats new and Exciting?

Its been a little while since I’ve sent out a message… But we are preparing for a busy year!   There is going to be a new Innovative Electric Pamphlet, new Mailers and new advertisement as we enter the Solar Market fully on our own. It has been many years since we have started installing Solar for other companies and it is well past time that we start installer solar for ourselves…  WE have all the licenses that other people have been using, and it is well past time for us to be able to pass on savings to our customers as well as make some of the money these companies have been charging for OUR services.

As for our regular electrical work, that is what pays the bills, we are here for you, the customer. Installing 6 Ceiling fans for my own 1st grade teacher tomorrow… hey there Mrs. Stowe… and we just finished helping a new Pizza Place get open the last few weeks. There is not end to the type and amount of work we can get done…

I know it tax time and if you are planning on using your refund (if you are getting one this year) please think of us when you have a need for an electrician!


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