Blog #9 – Its a new year

It has been an interesting winter to say the least…


I have a few new goals for this year…  New directions for Innovative Electric and hopefully growth will follow, we can only keep our fingers crossed! 


First thing tho, this year did not start out very well for everyone. We lost one of our own! Steven Honeycutt passed away from a heart attack while on the way home Jan 4th. He was 55 years old, AND Represents a large chuck of the experience this company relied on. He will be missed by everyone who he worked for and with here at Innovative Electric. Condolences goes out to his family, his daughter Candace and son Wesley.


Now as to our new year…  The Goals our to expand our current offerings, we now Sell, Finance and Install our own Solar Projects as well as Install for other companies. We are doing more commercial work, and just completed a small tenet space in the area. We have a modular home in progress, a total renovation in progress and have two Generators installed recently. 


It may seem like a busy winter, but we are still dealing with the weather and I personally was able to fit in my vacations. Work has been slow, however, we are all looking forward to a busy spring…



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