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Blog #15 – Solar and Energy Storage Systems

This journey has been long in coming. We have had many hurdles to overcome through our Engineering and Permitting process. Montgomery County Maryland has many requirements in just the submission of designs that were new. Then there was a challenge of meeting code requirements with the existing Schneider Equipment that was installed. This is what

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Blog #13 – Arc-Fault 101

Well.. Its a new month and its time you have heard from us, Arc-Faults Breakers are fairly new and not everyone knows about them. They ARE REQUIRED for any new house, any new Device, and any modification of wiring over 6ft in length.  They cost 8-10 times what normal breakers cost, and the reason is

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Well, I want to make this a separate subject because the more I have learned about it the better I like it!   About 2 months ago, I started inquiring on how to offer financing to the customers for the work YOU need completed! And The results are stunning! This program that I now offer

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Blog #11 – Spring/Summer 2019

Its been a slow year so far for us, in some ways that has been a good thing, in others not so good. I have put a good bit of time into redesigning this website in the past month. It has undergone an entire remake, and I have learned and getting better all the time

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Blog #10 – Spring is Almost Here!

Whats new and Exciting? Its been a little while since I’ve sent out a message… But we are preparing for a busy year!   There is going to be a new Innovative Electric Pamphlet, new Mailers and new advertisement as we enter the Solar Market fully on our own. It has been many years since we

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