Blog #18 – Local, State & Federal – Renewable Energy Incentives

Agricultural –

$30k to install Solar


Residential –

     Counties – Property Tax Credit for Solar –


                                Baltimore Co, PG Co. Harford – $5k

                                 Anne Arundel – $2.5k


                        High Performance Dwelling Property Tax Credit –

                               Anne Arundel – $1k, $2k or $3k per year depending on LEED rating

                             Montgomery Co. – 10% to 75% credit from property taxes owed on building for 3-5 years; varies by building type and building rating

                            Baltimore Co. – Commercial: 10% – 80% of county real property taxes assessed for 3 –             5 years


Homes (LEED or NGBS): 40% – 100% of county real property taxes assessed for 3 – 5 years


Homes (Energy Improvements): varies, equal to the % of energy efficiency improvement over a baseline of existing home or the energy code for new homes


              Howard – High Performance Buildings (except R-2, R-3 buildings): credit of 10% to 75% of taxes owed for 3 to 5 years; varies by building type and building rating


               High Performance R-2, R-3 Buildings: credit of 19% to 100% of taxes owed for 4 years; varies by building rating and declines for each year claimed (i.e., the Year 2 % is less than Year 1)


                  Green Buildings (w/energy conservation devices): credit of 14% – 20% of cost of device for 3 years; varies by building rating


 State –  Residential Clean Energy Rebate Program – $1k max


                  Title 9 of Maryland’s property tax code creates an optional property tax credit for high performance buildings


Property Tax Exemption for Solar and Wind Energy Systems


                  Solar Easements & Rights Laws – Means HOA or other Deeds or Covenants cannot restrict Solar Installations

                  Energy Storage Tax Credit – Lithium-ion Systems – $5k for Residental,  $75k for Commerical

               DHCD Net Zero Construction Loan Program – For Energy efficiency design and technology and renewable energy resources – Interest Rates as follows HERS Score 0-15: 2%, HERS Score 16-35: 3%, HERS Score 36-50: 4%


     Federal – Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit – 2020 is 26%, 2021 is 22%



Commercial –


       Federal – Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit (PTC) – Solar Systems not claiming the ITC:                     $0.023/kWh, $.012 is you are claiming the ITC

                       Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) – 2020 is 26%, 2021 is 22%

      State – Commercial Clean Energy Rebate Program – $6k Max



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