Well, I want to make this a separate subject because the more I have learned about it the better I like it!


About 2 months ago, I started inquiring on how to offer financing to the customers for the work YOU need completed! And The results are stunning! This program that I now offer is no more difficult to get than a car loan and resembles one as well. It is sorta just like a car loan, you get to drive it away for nothing down… then you get to make payments and even set your own payment dates and everything. All you need to do is get approved. And the best part is some of these projects, especially the Solar will pay for itself… I dont think a car will ever do that… Plus a generator or Renovation adds value to your home, also something a car does not do!


Now as to the loan itself. I like it from a business standpoint as well. It ensures that *I* get paid. This is an issue when you run any business. For example, at this very moment, I have an install for a house in Chevy Chase, Md that is one of these modular homes. We are connecting all the pieces, and running the electric 100% for the attic, Sunroom and Greenhouse that is attached. In addition, This house is getting a 22kw Generator AND 8KW of Solar. We also had a good bit of extras because last year the basement flooded while the house was still be assembled. This flooding, and delays causes be the weather has made the project take way too long to complete and now the owner has a lawyer involved. The results of that project for me has put our payments in jeopardy. The rough-in Inspections were completed last month and we still have yet to receive our second of three payments. I have no doubt that I will get that payment, however, now I have to worry about our final payment.  If this project had used my financing, i would have no worries, as soon as the bank get our completion certificate signed saying the job is complete, I get paid. I believe this might be the future of our industry.


Using the Financing that I now offer is a WIN WIN for both YOU and ME! Please, for your projects, ask about it! Click on the links I have for it and check it out! You dont have to wait to get that Generator, or Solar Panels.. Time is running out for 30% Solar Tax Rebates, the systems need to be installed before the end of the year and Engineering takes time, dont wait to the last minute!!


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