Blog #11 – Spring/Summer 2019

Its been a slow year so far for us, in some ways that has been a good thing, in others not so good. I have put a good bit of time into redesigning this website in the past month. It has undergone an entire remake, and I have learned and getting better all the time at designing my own website.. It is completely hosted by me, on GoDaddy… I have also personally selected and modified the template layout and selected all the content thus far. The newest addition is the Solar Survey… If you are interested in getting solar, this survey is a list of questions that will allow you and I to simplify the process of getting you the system you desire.


In addition to the website, we have been cranking out a few services, preparing to install a hot-tub and deck soon and a new job in Frederick, Md that will be the completion of a 1000ft HEATED driveway. This customer that i just met this weekend has had issues in getting his job completed and I look forward to the challenge ahead. Just think, to heat 1000 feet of asphalt requires ALOT of power, he had an additional 400a service already installed at his home for this project. So as time goes, I will be adding pictures for this job as well as the other jobs as we complete them. Maybe YOU will be able to see something you like and request it yourself.


In addition to our work, AND this website… I have been ramping up the advertising for Innovative Electric. I would love this to be a huge year for Solar and I have had 15000 pamphlets printed, bought space in the Howard Co Wine-in-the-Woods program and have Social Media and Google Ads for gears to direct more work our way! i hope to meet you soon!




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